Nakuru County political situation survey

Governor Kinuthia and Gubernatorial aspirant Lee Kinyanjui at an earlier event

As the political temperatures rise across the country, temperatures around the Gubernatorial and the Senatorial seats in Nakuru county seem to be a notch higher.
Due to above fact discover Kenya embarked on a survey to ascertain the political situation in the county, sampling respondents as follows;

The highest percentage of our respondents happened to be of the Nakuru native origin.

The majority of the respondents felt that the county was moving in the wrong direction.

Our respondents happened to be moderately educated to the form four level.

To the much awaited question, if Gubernatorial elections were held today;

Respondents seem to have had a reason why they liked their candidate of choice; interestingly most were not on ideological or issue based basis.

The respondents also raised issues facing them that they would like addressed immediately after the election. Water emerged to have been an issue with almost all the respondents felt needed to be addressed.

On the Senatorial race the respondents depicted a picture of a county which has already settled for a candidate

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