Opinion: The strategy of 41 against one

NASA formation: President Raila , DP Kalonzo and Premier Secretary Mudavadi

​With 80 days to the August 8th, there is no other topic that seems to be on the lips of many Kenyans like politics, And  with the party primaries over, political discussions have shifted focus to the presidential race. 
 The politics of us vs them is back.

 This brand of politics was introduced to Kenyans by Oginga Odinga and the philosophy is today being used by his son, Raila Amollo Odinga. 

The Odinga political philosophy of forming tribal alliances such as NASA or tribal parties such as ODM, WIPER, ANC among others is based on the faulty assumption that if he promise some five men some power upon winning the race will entice members of their ethnic community  to vote for him. 

Looking at the Odinga political philosophy, one is able to clearly understand why Raila picked Kalonzo to be his running mate, promised Mudavadi to be the premier Cabinet, and Isaac Rutto something that looked like deputy to Mudavadi. In his thinking, by having Kalonzo in NASA, all the Akamba people will vote for him, by having Isaac Rutto, Raila thinks that part of the 5+million votes in the Rift Valley will be his. 

Interestingly the only vote that NASA flag bearer don’t seem to be interested in is the Mt. Kenya vote.

The isolation of Mt.Kenya in NASA forms the basis of our Argument, it didn’t​ just happen, it is a political strategy.

 The very same strategy that the opposition leader had back in the year 2007 when he brought forward the 41 against 1 narrative.

 Instead of Raila Odinga sitting down and thinking what agenda he should use to campaign for his 5th shot at presidency, He is busy counting the number of tribes that are supporting him, creating non-existent posts for their tribal kinpings and issuing threats to courts and IEBC in preparation of war.

On the other side looking at Jubilee party structures from top to bottom President Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto are trying to bring together Kenyans under one roof in Jubilee Party. 

It should be condemned that a party or political alliance can be formed on the basis of tribe,it is even shameful that such an Alliance can be registered with the registrar of political parties contrary to Constitutional provision that political parties and coalition must have a national character.

Article 92(2) goes further​ to say that;

 political party shall not be founded on a religious, linguistic, racial, ethnic, gender or regional basis or seek to engage in advocacy of hatred on any such basis.

It’s a shame for Kenya to have N.A.S.A in the political realm of the country.

By Political Economist Wagunya Muriu


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